Show & Tell - Cars

My friend Suzy has decided to revive one of my favorite things--Show & Tell!!

So, please stop over to her blog and participate!

Looking over at some recent photos I have, I wondered what I wanted to S&T today. I have TONS of Cape Cod photos, but I miss our time on Cape Cod so much now, I really did not want to remind myself that the summer is over THAT much...

So, we have pictures from the Spring! These pictures are from this May.

I find it interesting the little things that one finds when one is not looking for them. We had went into one of our favorite towns (Lexington) to just look around and walk around on a nice spring day. And...lo and behold, there was the Lexington's First Annual Classic Cars festival happening right there!

One of the gentlemen had brought in this car from 1901. He not only let Michael sit on it, he actually pushed Michael around on it, letting him steer it (yep, that is the steering mechanism that Michael is touching there), and then demonstrated it to us by starting it up and riding it around the parking lot.

Willow, not to be outdone, found a car to match her outfit.

There were various cars, an old fire engine and you could vote on what car you liked best (we voted for that 1901 vehicle which is in the background of this picture--the owner is the guy in the baseball cap).

It was amazing to see these old cars, especially since they were displayed right nearby modern cars.


That looks like so much fun! And how kind for the fella to let M steer his vintage car. It cracks me up that W picked a car to match her outfit.

Looks like you had a fabulous time.

Thanks for showing and telling about it!
Courtney said…
How cool!

We have the "Frog Follies" every fall and it's so fun to see tons of old cars driving around town for the week.

Very fun Show and Tell!
Amanda said…
I went to a car show at my Mom & Dad's church around Easter weekend. It was so amazing to see the really old cars. The car you saw from 1901 beats all the ones I saw, though.

Awesome that he let Michael steer it!!!!
Miss K said…
That is so neat! I love seeing old cars like that.....
butterflyanla said…
What a wonderful find on that Spring day! This post inspires me to go the classic car show on the town square this month. very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
Kristin said…
Oh my gosh, I LOVE old cars and would have loved to be there.
DaisyGal said…
those cars were awesome, and the kids were too cute. :)

I love how you can have days where you can't find something to do, so it finds you.....loved this show & Tell.

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