Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shooting Willow

Today my friend was nice enough to (again) take some portraits for us. This time, in a studio, and (mainly) just Willow. Because. Well, because Willow is going to be TWO in two weeks time (!)

So, I brought along my mini camera and took some pics and video during the photo shoot. (Some of them are blurry, cuz, well, my main job was WRANGLING the relentless two year old).

The interesting thing is that my friend was doing the shoot in the studio along with a fellow photog student--who was across the way shooting a maternity portrait with this couple. (Willow was fascinated!)

Some perfect moments will be shared tomorrow, but here are some stuff I shot (the real pictures are being edited (hopefully lightening up Willow's bruise on her cheek--swing accident at daycare), so it will be a few days or so):

The outfit Willow insisted upon having...the first shots of the session...

The outfit Kelly wanted me to bring (she had seen it on the blog). (This was at the time Willow was fascinated by the goings on across the way with the maternity shoot)

The end of the shoot we did a cake smash. And that shirt is from Jen's Esty shop--awesome shirt!!

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Kristin said...

She is just precious. Love the cake smash pic.

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