Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hugs and Their Meanings

A few nights ago, it seems Willow had a nightmare. Well, that is speculation, but the thing is, she wanted to have “mommy!” So, she snuggled up to me in our bed and fell asleep for another ½ hour (which, when you are a sleep deprived parent—you get what you can). As she lay in bed with me, she took her arm and purposely hugged my neck and smooshed my face into her chin. Uncomfortable for me, but obviously comforting for her.

She also takes to hugging my legs during the evenings. Usually the scenario is that I am making dinner or putting away dishes. And she comes up and takes a hold of that leg for dear life. As though to say “Hey, here I am! Why are you doing ANYTHING but hanging out with ME!?” It is a playful hug, usually it is a prelude to Willow crawling/crouching beneath and around my legs, around and around and around. (And yes, I do sometimes get dinner going with a toddler around my fact I feel deprived when she is not there!)

I love to hug my children. My husband is a notorious hugger…his hugs are BEAR hugs and you cannot breathe. I am more of a hold on a minute-let-me-also-kiss-you-to-bits-on-your-hair type hugger. I also tend to hug and then tickle. (Cuz, um, its getting too serious here.)

Since my son has been about 8-9 years old, he hasn’t hugged me. Or even hugged me back when I hugged him (well, his arms would go around me but no real hug). Not that he doesn’t give affection. Just not a thing he did. Sometimes a real quick peck on the cheek and then a real quick arms on you for a second type hug. But the past couple of weeks--my 11 year old son has started to hug me again. Sincerely and to the point of not wanting to let go. Needing to be comforted and I return his hug and let him hold on as long as he wants to. No tickling, just hugging with the understanding that there is always a place to be no matter what happens in life. My arms will hold you.


Kristin said...

It's amazing how they start needing that comfort again when they really start growing up.

Courtney said...

that's so precious:-)

MrsSpock said...

J has been hanging on my legs a lot lately. I do not look forward to the time when he doesn't want a mommy snuggle :(

kimbosue said...

Both your babies are so sweet!