Monday, April 19, 2010

Parade and Ice Cream

Since it was Patriot's Day today, we went to a Parade in Lexington. Here is some video:

Willow was very excited and enjoyed the fire trucks and the drums. She was unsure about the giant Scooby Doo that came by and clowns. She was especially happy with her Spongebob Balloon.

Michael kept asking how long the parade was going to be, and he was anxious for Willow, making sure that she did not run off and get trampled by horses or anything. He ended up liking the parade, although he was also glad to go so that he could cream!

Willow got strawberry ice cream; Michael got cotton candy with gummies mixed in.

(I got a Mango-Banana smoothy)


Kristin said...

It's so sweet that he looks out for his little sister like that.

niobe said...

Oooh... that's defintiely what I want to be doing next Patriot's Day.

Photogrl said...

I think it's awesome how he looks out for Willow!

Hoping that my Miss O. will do the same... cream!!!