Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Show & Tell #62 - My Show & Tell Runneth Over!

I have not just one, but TWO subjects for my Show & Tell this week---

This Sunday we saw a cool display of Legos--several trains going around several scenes (a carnival, a haunted house, a village, etc.) all made of Legos. This was done by the New England Lego Users Group (click to read the article about the display). Michael, who is a big Lego user himself, was suitably impressed, as was Willow.

Here are some pictures:


Second part of Show & Tell concerns this previous post. Twenty years ago today I met my future husband. This morning, he came by my office and dropped off these roses (20 of them for 20 years).

When I got home today, he had hastily put up this banner:

(My son then pointed out that I hadn't gotten my husband anything--I pointed out that I had poured my guts out on my blog post--but, yeah, hubby gets extra points on this)

Unfortunately, our plans to have a nice kid-free romantic dinner fell through when our designated babysitter fell sick, came with us for SUSHI and some traditional Japanese food...

Wish I had taken a picture before half the sushi was gone--it was a very impressive sushi platter for two...

Michael tried some tempura that he had not tried before and he even ordered fish (and ate a little bit of it). Willow liked Miso soup and both children liked their rice.

Willow, of course, was "done!" first---as demonstrated by her trying to climb out of her high chair.

It was really kind of interesting to realize that we never would have expected that this would be what we were doing 20 years from when we first met.

And now...I am exhausted....

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areyoukiddingme said...

I love those intricate Lego displays - it's amazing what you can do with colored pieces of plastic!

Congratulations on 20 years - beautiful roses! I'm sorry your kid-free evening didn't work out, but it looks like a good time was had by all.

Flying Monkeys said...

Those lego displays are awesome! My boys would be excited.

Sorry about your date not working out as you planned but congrats on 20 years!

Kristin said...

That lego set up is so cool. I will never forget when they had the entire Capital Building constructed from legos in a local mall.

Congrats on 20 years and a sweet, thoughtful hubby.

..Soo.See.. said...

Legos are so cool. I'm always fascinated when I see what can be made of them, like the Lego displays in Orlando.

And congrats on 20 years!!

Christina said...

Here from S&T. That sushi looks delicious...sounds sooo good right now! Also, my nephew would just *die* to see all of that Lego fun!

Anonymous said...

Here from S&T. As an avid Lego collector, yet another reason to move back to Mass. Happy Anniversary!

kimbosue said...

YAY for 20 roses for 20 years!
YAY for sushi!
YAY for legos!

Vee said...

WoW to the Lego!

Happy Anniversary !