Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Talk

Me: "Do you think it went well?"
Him: "Well, you know those PSAs where the parents are dorky, calm and rationally talking to their child about dr.u.g.s?"
Me: "Yep."
Him: "We were those parents."
Me: "Yes, but do you think it went well?"
Him: "Umm, I have no idea if there is a good way to have The S._.X. Talk."
Me: "But, you think he understood?"
Him: "Time will tell."

It went well, as good as it could be. Some surprises:
Me: "Do you know HOW the s_____ meets the e____?"
The Boy: "Oh yeah."
Me: "Really, you know about the P____ going into the V____?"
The Boy: "Oh, yeah."

We did it together, wierdly with a product of scientific reproduction wandering the room...but we did it. Then "the girls" went away so father and son could talk.

Time will tell...


MrsSpock said...

Am I weird if I enjoy giving The Talk? I taught a room full of 8 yr old Girl Scouts about men-stroo-a-tion and had a blast.

Cibele said...

I am so not ready for this... I glad that I have time. Good for you for talking to your san early. time will tell

KimboSue said...


Killing time...

Things I have been doing lately: Job hunting Cuddling with cats Worrying about the world at large Worrying about Michael's future...