Friday, October 24, 2008

Six Months

Dear Willow,

As I hear you on the baby monitor babbling away at your mobile animals, I am astounded at the many things you have learned already in the short time you have been here.

You know how to smile and giggle. You know how to grab things (especially things you shouldn’t). You know how to go to sleep on your own. You know how to listen to songs and you know what a book is (sort of—yes, you can eat the soft ones, but that is not what they are really for). You know your mom, your dad, your brother and your uncles and aunts. You know how to sit up if you are propped up—and you are trying so hard to sit up on your own. (Okay, I love it when you flop over—its CUTE!)

Six months. Six months ago I was anxious and worried. I was worried about whether I could handle a newborn after all these years. I was worried about whether your brother would be okay with sharing his parents with you. It seems like so long ago (a life time ago). And I need not have worried.

Months and years. How many I had waited to have a chance to meet someone like you. The times I would fantasize having another baby. A girl named Willow Leone (it was always that name, your name). How many years did I imagine and how many years did I cry. I don’t know. Now the years of trying and the years of hoping and imagining have merged into the reality that is you. (And even now, I sometimes cannot believe the persistence and strength and, yes, luck, that has brought you here)

I cannot think of my life without you now. I am still getting used to you, just as you are getting used to us. The routines in our lives are chaotic and are even more chaotic now that you are with us. But, when I am tired and exhausted, when I am frustrated with the trivialities of daily life—I look to you and your brother and I smile and I am happy.

I cannot wait to be able to show you so many things. To show you a Christmas Tree and Hannukah lights. To show you snowmen and snow angels, leaves budding on trees in the spring. I cannot wait to take to you to the beach to hunt for sea creatures and sea shells. I want to share the world with you. More importantly, I want you to share your world with us. What a unique perspective you and your brother will give to us. What a wonderful gift to have you both in my life.

Happy ½ Year Birthday!


JJ said...

Happy 6 months, sweet girl! xoxox

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Such a beautiful letter! She is precious!

Cibele said...

happy birthday sweet girl!!!!! you are so loved

tmt5 said...

Cute pictures. I had forgotten how close the girls' birthdays are. 10-23 K was happily announcing she is 4 1/2 now. Delenn I am on my blog email ops it is T usually commenting as jeffrey.

Nice surprise half birthday present. Funny using employees children for She will make a absolutely adorable microsoft baby.

Christy said...

OMG! So totally completely sweet! Your letter pretty much brought me to tears. Your daughter is a lucky gal, and gorgeous to boot.