Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Preview

Michael's Halloween Party went very well. We (the adults) were exhausted by the end, but I think all the kids had a wonderful time. We had bobbing for apples (which seems to be a big hit every year); we had popcorn balls to decorate; pizza and Jell-o Brains…as well as other little surprises. This year, for the first time, we tried a game of passing around various “surprises” which were supposed to be parts of a body (i.e. spaghetti as worms; ketchup in warm water is blood; a smushed tomato as brains). I forgot how sophisticated these 9 year olds can be—some of them played along, some squirmed and did not want to touch—but our main adversary was a child who would say “OH, that is a tomato---oh, that’s two GRAPES.!!!” It was annoying but cute too…I think next year—blind folds will be in order… (Oh, and spraying them with silly string in the dark—that did work!)

Before the party, we got the kids in their costumes…they will get worn a lot this year. We have cub scouts Halloween party, school’s Halloween party and the Museum of Science’s Halloween party to go to yet. (Not to mention The Day).

Michael is under there! Its a very ingenious costume!

Stunned monkey in a frogsuit!


Somewhat Ordinary said...

Great costumes!! I was just thinking the other day that when Baby M gets older I would love to throw Halloween parties for him and his friends!

Jeffrey said...

So what do you think is Willow wondering what in the world did you put on me?lol Micheal very scary.

Kate said...

I love it!! Halloween is so much fun. :)