I don't even want to think about what I would do if this had been my son's teacher.

Teacher Votes Out Child


If you want to do something about it.


Kate said…
This pisses me off for many reasons. First of all, it is obvious that stupid reality shows are now driving classroom culture. "Voting off"? Are you kidding me with that shit? I am also pissed b/c, as a former teacher, the profession does NOT need people who make such bad decisions teaching the youngest. Yes, there were times when the most difficult kids made me want to rip my hair out, but they are KIDS. Asbergers kids can be really wonderful if you have the tools to meet their needs. Not that there is any excuse for whatshe did, but I wonder how well the parents and teacher were communicating.
Cibele said…
I was so angry when i read about this..
Cibele said…
I was so angry when i read about this... BTW, Willow looks so adorable!
Kathy V said…
My first thought on this was whether or not the child had been tested for autism, why would any teacher insist on bringing a child up in front of the classroom and ask the students to say what they don't like about a student. That just creates ways to single children out and encourage teasing and bad behavior. That teacher should not be permitted to teach anymore. Maybe if she stood in front of the school board and all the parents and teachers said to her face what they didn't like about her, maybe she would see what it was like. I just can't believe any teacher would tolerate this kind of behavior let alone encourage it. Just ridiculous and she should not be a teacher anymore.

If it was my kid, I would not stop until that teacher was out of a job.
SAHW said…
OMG, honestly, I cannot believe a teacher could do something like that. What an embarrassment to my entire profession. I'm doubly hurt because of the insult to my profession and the insult to children with special needs, a cause near and dear to my heart. This is totally inappropriate under any circumstances, but I can't imagine how much worse it is for a child with special needs and his family. Reassigned? She needs to be reassigned back to her house.

(here from Lost and Found)
Kymberli said…
I'd be after that woman's teaching certificate and I would not relent until I had it. That poor child. I'd sue the school district for emotional damage and counseling for my son.

Speaking as a teacher, she is a disgrace on the profession.
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docgrumbles said…
This disgusts me!

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