Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Three Weeks! Eeek! - Updated

Willow's ear (and some of her cheek)

Top (and back) of head -- you can see whisps of her hair. (click on the images to see them bigger)

UPDATE: The Refresher class ended up being pretty cool. We were 15 mins. late (mainly cuz we couldn't find parking). When we got there, the nurse (Karen) was there outside the conference room. We thought we were the last ones—it turns out, we were the ONLY ones. There was supposedly another couple coming, but they never showed. Now, normally that would be a canceled class, or at the very least a pretty awkward situation where you stumble through an attempted class. BUT Karen decided not to do the class at all but give of her time to let us ask her ANY questions (specific or otherwise) we might have. It was pretty cool. We explained about last time (the preclampsia, the almost 3 weeks of bedrest, the stressful induction and labor followed by the emergency C section---and she actually a illuminated some things about it that I had not really understood or been able to process). She also made me feel less anxiety about the whole process this time, and while she is a proponent for natural childbirth, she agreed that considering last time, our decision for a scheduled C-Section made sense. By the end (it was a 2 hour class, and we were actually there talking with her for that whole time), we both felt we had made a friend—she even made sure to find out my C-Section date and said that she would make a note to stop by. She ended it by saying that she had a good feeling about us and our baby and she couldn’t wait to meet Willow and her brother.

(hmmm...the breathing exercises--um...I guess I will look 'em up in the book we got!) :-)

I'll try to post those ultrasound pictures tonight---before BSG of course!!!


Okay, tonight is our Refresher Childbirth class. I am going to ignore (a) that we are doing a scheduled C-Section (cuz, ya never know, do ya) and (b) the class is recommended for parents who have had a child in the last 5 years (it specifically says that as if there is a specific time limit/age gap that everyone is going for – “and you haven’t had one in like 9 years—you are TOTALLY out of the loop, aren’t you”). I can’t wait to have to go around the room and hear all those people with 2 or 3 year olds and all that and it will come to us---yep, we have a NINE year old. Take any bets we’ll have the oldest kid? And at least one person will gasp and make a big deal of the age difference?

Ultrasound yesterday went very well, except she was hiding her face….next to my nether regions facing toward my backside…BUT we got a cute picture of her EAR and a view from the top of her head, where one can see whisps of her hair (!). Willow is measuring a little over 5 lbs. (28% percentile, within a normal range). Her butt is sticking near my right rib cage, her head is faced down, which is how she has pretty much been since last ultrasound (not like her brother, who was doing backflips or something—he was breech and/or head down depending on his mood daily). Otherwise, the aminotic fluid is a-okay, saw her kidneys, her ribs, her heart was beating fine…everything is fine. (Pictures forthcoming)

Then I had my OB appointment, where she went over the surgery consent form. You know—the one where they highlight and mention all the things that can go wrong (including your death, dismemberment, etc.). It’s a fun form. AND she wants me to go over it again with the other OB next week (as I am meeting next week with the one performing the C-Section). “Just in case she has something more she wants to add.” Um. Yeah.

We are down to the weekly OB appointments.

Our last class.

I just got my “Present from Willow to Michael” surprise in the mail (I am going to leave him this gift while we go to the hospital—hmm…he already expressed a distinct aversion on wearing a shirt saying Big Brother….TOO BAD, KIDDO!! You’re going to get one!!)

I have started to prepare a list in my mind (and on various stickies) of things to pack—intending to do that this weekend.

So, other than that particular blend of excitement, anxiety, tension and stress…I am doing FINE!


Waiting Amy said...

EEek! Three weeks - wow! Glad things are going so wonderfully and you are so on top of things! Sounds like you are totally prepared. Hoping everything stays right on track. Can't wait to see that sweet face!

Anonymous said...

When J's parents brought S up to the room to meet K for the first time she was wearing one of those big sister shirts Grandma bought it for her in the hospital gift shop. She was so proud of that shirt and wore it the next summer too. Fortunately Grandma got it a little big.
Three weeks you must be so excited and nervous. Lots of ultra sounds we only had two total. Don't you just love how they have to freak you out with details just to cover themselves when really you don't have a choice anyway. There are risks with a vaginal birth too. You just do what you have to do. My cousin was determined to have vaginal births and went through hours of labor to end up having a c-section both time due to complications. I am putting this as anonymous because I can't sign in on the google account right now but it is TT.

Caro said...

Wow 3 weeks! That's soon.

Valerie said...

Wow she is almost here!

Cibele said...

Reading your post made miss being pregnant. I heard many times women saying they miss their bellies and I could not understand , now I do. Nothing is better than having her here, but I feel that my experience was cut short. Pos partum is a interesting experience, I never felt so many emotions, I cry is many times as she does...
I cant wait to meet willow. I think that it was super cool that you used my pict to help your boy understand how things will happen!
Enjoy your last 3 weeks...
I cant wait to meet willow. I think that it was super cool that you used my pict to help your boy understand how things will happen!
Enjoy your last 3 weeks...

Neenie/PawsNY said...

THREE WEEKS??????? GET OUT OF HERE...omg is time flying or what? I bet you're miserable in a sense though and can't wait to see that little Willow :) I don't blame you- she looks like a DOLL from those sonogram pics!

Dr. Grumbles said...

wow...that's a detailed ear shot!

Ignore any age difference comments. You'll avoid serious sibling rivalry with a decent age gap. My friend is 11 or 12 years older than her little brother - and they adore each other!

Good luck with these last few weeks!

hopeful to hateful in 28 days said...

Willow is a beautiful name-I really like it!

Ana said...

I can't wait to see her! I still can't believe she'll be here so soon! Her ear looks PERFECT! XOXOX