Thursday, November 01, 2007

Being overweight sucks...

Went to the OB today. It was my first meeting with my actual Doctor, and while I heard the heartbeat, it was not the best first meeting.

I have gained 14 lbs. so far with this pregnancy. Unfortunately, they (which I did not know until she said it today)wanted me to gain 15 lbs. for the WHOLE pregnancy. So, there...obesity at its best! And, I could tell by her look, that this tall, thin OB thought I was some cake pounding, sandwich scarfing fat woman.

I am disappointed in myself. I had started out so well, eating right (occasionally letting myself have a craving, but generally eating veggies and fruit, 6 small meals a day, etc.) and building up my exercise routine from my IVF/Transfer time back to my regular routine. I was feeling good, and I had gained only 5 lbs. Then I got sick and had the cellulitis. The last week and a half have not been stellar. I was basically on bedrest, couldn't make dinner (and husband can't cook), so we had a LOT of take out/fast food. I knew it was bad, but frankly, I was depressed, sick, tired and bored--not good combinations for eating correctly. No exercise, barely in veggies and good stuff...but, what could I do? And since Saturday, I have been back to building up the exercise AGAIN, and eating right AGAIN...but, there is that 14 lbs. already. ACK!

And here I should be happy because Tadpole is doing great. But, I am depressed.

And the thing that got me was that talking to the OB's assistant last appointment, I told her how I had lost all that weight, how I was so committed to trying not to gain so much weight during this pregnancy. And it was such a positive meeting with her. She even gave me the number to the nutritionist...who I get to see next week. This appointment with the OB tore down all that and made me feel like she thought I had no willpower and was some fat slob.


Waiting Amy said...

Don't beat yourself up too much. I was worried about your cellulitis. Glad that it is better, right?

I gained at least 40lbs with my only pg. WAY too much. But it didn't hurt J or me really. You know what's going on and you know why it happened and now you can stay on top of things. I'm sure the nutritionist will help. And there is lots of time to move that little bit of gain around.

Most of all I think 15lbs total weight gain is unfair and unrealistic. Every woman is different and many now say a healthy gain is anywhere between 15-25 or even 30 lbs. Don't get sucked into that body image vortex! You are pg and beautiful!

Delenn said...

Thanks Amy for the comment. :-) Yes, thinking about it more last night, I think 15 lbs. is a bit harsh. I was hoping for last pregnancy I gained about 45 lbs., so half of that, would be an accomplishment to me.

SaraS-P said...

How are they so skilled at making women feel like garbage?

My friend who delivered her first child in Sweden was only weighed twice, once at the first appt and once at the time of the birth. They just didn't harp on the issue over there.

I am no expert, but I also feel 15 lbs is a bit harsh. My skinny aunt gained 50 lbs with her pregnancy. There are individual differences, and I have to believe that "too much" (whatever that is) is better than not enough.

Yay on the heartbeat!

butterflyanla said...

I am so sorry your appointment sucked .I hope things get better. I am glad that your baby is doing well though.

JJ said...

Im sorry you are feeling down=( I think that putting a limit on any pregnancy wait gain just puts too much pressure on mommy-to-be.
Hope you can put that comment to the side and continue to enjoy your pregnancy=)

Jeffrey said...

I agree too April, everything I have read says that even a small woman should gain at least 20 and up to 30 is normal. I put on 12 lbs with Sarah the first few months and then only ended up with a 25 lb gain total. I gained more with Kate around 30 lbs and she turned out to be a bigger baby. One thing you could do if you get stuck not being able to cook again during the pregnancy send hubby to the grocery store for bag salads, precooked chicken or nitrate free lunch meat (hormel has some), cut up fruit and whole grain bread. He won't have to cook and you won't feel so guilty. Also in case you get sick again you might want to precook and freeze a few things he can just warm up.