Monday, November 05, 2007

Ten Things About Me Numbers 71 - 80 - Holidays

Continuing with the 100 things about me...

71. My favorite holiday is Christmas, although I would say that the commercialism does tarnish it a bit for me. While I am an athiest, I did grow up Roman Catholic, so I do have fond memories of churches decked out in red and green, and the beautiful music. But, what I mainly like about Christmas is the spirit of giving and good will towards man. I love watching my son's eyes light up when he comes downstairs and sees what Santa has brought. Also like the holiday specials, etc.

72. For Thanksgiving, our tradition is to make our pumpkin pie and other pie (husband does not like pumpkin pie since an unfortunate pie-eating contest, where pumpkin pie stayed in his beard and mustache FOREVER) in the morning. And pie is eaten for breakfast. My son LOVES this tradition.

73. Halloween is a big deal for my son, as seen on earlier posts. It is a favorite of mine, although more because I LOVE to indulge in horror movie watching.

74. During the X-Mas season, I traditionally make chocolate and peanut butter fudge from recipes of my Grammies. I make it in her honor, and usually give most of it away to co-workers, mailman, etc. (Mainly cuz I would eat it--its really good). This is a big thing for me, since I don't really cook that much.

75. On July 4th, we traditionally go to an amusement park in New Hampshire with our friend John. We stay all day, and go out to eat dinner and come back for the fireworks.

76. A clear New Year's memory for me was listening when I was 7 or 8 years old to my father playing in a dance band on the local radio station.

77. Another holiday I like is Hannukah. I like the history and story about the oil lasting 8 days. I like lighting the Menorah. It is peaceful and the colorful candles are very beautiful. I like making Potato Latke's for the first night of Hannukah and inviting friends over to celebrate.

78. I like Labor Day, for the non-labor we do. Usually we go on a long weekend to a beach town. Its a way to say good-bye to the summer.

79. I like that my son's birthday is near President's Day (Feb. 21). And my husband's birthday is on July 5th; and mine is Dec. 25th.

80. I liked the movie "Ground Hog's Day". Its a good movie.


Waiting Amy said...

I was raised RC too, but now am more of an agnostic. My favorite part of Christmas is going to mass (not for the religous parts) to sing the hymns and hear my dad sing.

But I'm confused -- why do you celebrate Hannukah? My husband is Jewish and we celebrate the Jewish holidays in our home. My son and I go to my family at Christmas and celebrate with them. I like the menorah too -- especially how DH never wears a kepah but puts his hand over his head instead! :)

Delenn said...

My husband is cultural Jewish. So, we try to keep some of the Jewish traditions too. At one point when my husband and I were first married, we went to a reform Jewish temple and we even took classes in Hebrew. (Not that it helps us much now, 10+ years later).

Jeffrey said...

Jeff loves the Groundhogs Day movie we must have watched parts of it twenty times when it first came out on cable.

Chas said...

I love Groundhog Day!

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