Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"I want to put babies on spikes." "Go, then! Go! What a wonderful idea. It's the American Dream!" - The Great Eddie Izzard

Yes, I am remaining calm...yep...calm...

Hmm..what to do to remain calm...

Aside from obsessing over non-existent or perceived symptons, embryology searches on the internet, going over the percentages at my clinic of successes (in my age group - 40%--knew that going in), clicking onto all the cyclesistas that I can find, and obsessing about how much obsessing I am doing...

I am Great!

Well, actually, I am holding my own. Some techniques that I am trying this time around are working. Trying deep breathing and visualizing calm colors. I am also trying to take it easy as much as I can--the laundry be damned! And I am Trying to focus on the here and now (easy while Husband is away--there is still so much to do). One day at a time. Also, no POAS. I am going to try to stick (so to speak) with that. I only have until Sunday. I can do it. (Well, I might buckle under on Saturday).

Anyone have any techniques for getting through the 2WW?

BTW, thanks for all the comments...this blog is more for me to just put stuff down from my head, but its nice to have encouragement and know that other people are dealing with the same issues as I am.

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Leah said...

The only "technique" I've employed during the 2WW is to obsess. Good old fashioned obsession. Other bloggers have given these obsessions fancy names: TP Tango, Boobie Poke-a-thon, etc. None of my efforts do any good, so I don't recommend them. :-)

Thinking about you, hoping for great news soon!