Friday, October 02, 2009

First Major Boo Boo and Random

Willow went apple picking today at daycare. There were apples all over the place, including the ground, and she slipped and got that nice bump above her eye. It looks a little worse than the picture, but obviously, she is a-okay. Always fun to come to pick up your child to find her with a shiner! (BTW, both kids LOVE apples--that is her third one today in her lap)

Random things:

As reflected with the poll, I actually got my heart set on getting Willow a giraffe costume for Halloween. Only to find the sizes left much to be, after much searching...I found a costume I couldn't resist:

Its got a pouch! And a toy! And its cuddly!

It's time for Michael to pick out an instrument to play in school. I am probably more excited than he is, but I hope he has fun with it like I did.

Time to start getting ready for Michael's Halloween party. Already picked a date (Oct. 24th). This weekend I think we will start getting invitations ready.

Ugh, already having the crunch with days off from school. October 12th is Columbus day and his school is off and his after school care is also closed. Guess who has to work--both of us. So, baring any other arrangements, I will have to take a vacation day off...and with things being wacky the last few weeks (daycare provider sick a few days last week, us sick the week before, etc.) I hope it doesn't reflect too badly at work.

Speaking of work. I am doing well, but I still miss my old job. I miss my co-workers. The funny thing, of course, is that my old job is non-existant as 1/2 the staff got laid off when I did. It is in the past, total and final. I still miss it.

Willow. Oh Willow. You need to learn that your father is not very good at putting things away. And please, quit taking your dad's credit card and keys. This week, mommy had to drive all the way back home from work because daddy couldn't find the keys to his car (I had a spare--on my set of keys). He has now bought some locator transmitters. I think he just needs to put things HIGHER.

Michael is doing very well at school so far. He likes his teacher, and he is actually doing pretty well at keeping up with the homework. We are both working out the work/play ratio.

Our life is overwhelming. So overwhelming that I got a note from our housekeeper today saying "could we please clean up the toys" before she comes on Fridays. Oh yeah. Those things I step on and trip over all over the house--welcome toddlerhood!!!


~Jess said...

Willow looks so cute in that picture: I love that costume idea!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

That is such a cute costume! I'm currently going round and round on what to make M. This would be cute, but I think it is better suited for a girl!

Caro said...

Very cute

Cibele said...

love love the custume. Sorry about the boo boo, Lyla has had many already. Glad to hear that Michael is doing great at school