Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Corn Maze

Sunday we went to the Family Guy Corn Maze. It was well thought out and was tons of fun. They had ten outposts and at each outpost you had to answer a question, depending on your answer you turned right or left. You could pick different themed questions. Michael's questions were all Halloween themed. My husband's were all Family Guy themed, our friend John's were biblical themed, mine were Toddler Themed (Willow and I shared).
Of course, we had a harried morning, and I ended up forgetting my camera (or video camera), but my husband and I both had our cell phones--so here are cell phone pictures!

Here we are in the midst of the maze. I think we might be in the Stewie part.

There were two bridges in the middle of the maze. Nice way to see above. Here is Willow and John and me going up the bridge.

Michael and John figuring out their way, based on our questions (the pieces of paper in their hands). At first we got lost and came to this bridge three, four times...

Every so often Willow wanted to stop and pick up rocks, stones, twigs, corn...and try to put them in her mouth. We gave her perfectly good grapes instead. (She still liked the rock that had mud on it) (Oh, and look--my cell phone!)

Once we finished the maze, they gave us stickers which read "I survived the Corn Maze!" (Those who fail to survive are piled up in the feedlot out back)

Afterwards, Michael and Willow explored other parts of the farm...(that's dad there as a horse--he is awfully tall, so getting into those head parts low to the ground was a bit hard)

There was so much to do, we did not even have time to do everything (including a hayride). Definately we will go there again!


Cibele said...

How fun!!!!!!! Loved the pics. Our girls are growing too fast! We went on Saturday but it was so cold

serenity said...

I loved this too - we took O there a couple weeks ago. (I work nearby, so we have a farmshare there!)

So glad you all had fun. Great pictures for cell phone pictures!


KimboSue said...

Looks like a fun time! And the sky is a gorgeous blue even on the camera phone!

Kate said...

I saw a picture of that from the air. How cool that you went!

Anonymous said...

Was it scary??? I am afraid of corm mazes for some reason! Michele