Friday, August 10, 2007

"OK, I've got a pretty good calm going!" - Leela "Futurama"

Well, so far I have tried to keep with the calm. Despite the new obstacle to that calm (see previous post), I am trying to get back to that calmness.

Made arrangements with my brother who will do the PIO, and maybe I can get him to help with things at the house when he comes over...I've planned out the dinners for next week to be things that are simple (and hopefully less work).

And, wierdly, the zen is working. I am calm right now. Perhaps its because it is Friday and Husband doesn't leave until Monday..maybe its because I have finally told my boss (it seemed like a scene from "Sixth Sense"--"I am ready to tell you my secret now.").

My boss was cool, btw (thought he would be). He has three adopted children (youngest 14 now), and he knows various people besides his family who have struggled with IF. He told me a story about a friend who tried and tried IVF and it wasn't working and they decided on a surrogate, and with their last FET they also tried. The surrogate and the woman BOTH got pregnant. So, now they have two children, born two days apart from two different mothers. There are just so many ways to make a family!


Jackie said...

I'm glad you were able to find someone to do your PIO. I almost crapped myself laughing (sorry) when I read that you might stick the syringe on a chair and sit on it. Don't do that! Good luck this next week, I'm thinking of you!

Rachel said...

I hope the PIO goes smoothly. I've never done the, but other women online have had to do it themselves. One had her hubby draw a circle on her butt so she could look in the mirror and aim. Good luck!

Amy R said...

Thats a lovely story regarding the friend of your boss :) How the PIO and 2ww going for you? Hope all is well!

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