Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Egg Transfer went well! Updated with Embryos Pic

Attia & Servilla

There were three good candidates, they went with the best two (and if the third one makes it to tomorrow, they will freeze him--Husband named him Elmer). I named the other two that were transfered Attia and Servilla (from "Rome"), as we were chanting something from "Rome" while we waited our ten minutes of non-movement.

The embryos look even better than last time--our hopes are high (for now).

The transfer went well, although in a hot and crowded room. I am home for the next two days on limited movement (bedrest for today, mainly--I got my Dr. Who dvd's ready!).

Onto the rollercoaster of the 2WW! The beta is on 8/19/07.


Kim said...

Well, with names like Atia and Servilia, you know they'll have to be scheming and plotting in there to hang on and attach! Good, strong names for good, strong Romans.*

(*As in "fine Roman bread, for fine Romans." That guy - the newsreader - always cracked me up.)

Kate said...

I hope there's good news at the end of your wait!

topcat said...

I hope your TWW flies past for you. Good luck!

Reproductive Jeans said...

Sounds and looks great!! Best of luck to Atia and Servilia!

Amy R said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you, Atia, and Servilia!! :)

butterflyanla said...

I am sending hope and all the luck I can muster your way. I hope that your little romans attach and you make it through the tww unscathed.