Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Beta at 152

Next beta is on 28th.

So far the only symptons have been an increase in appetite, and some cramping on my legs. Also, uncomfortable nights sleep (did not think that would happen so early). Oh, this could be related, but I am also incredibly tired.

It still hasn't quite sunk in yet. And I am still trying to be cautiously optimistic...

Its one of those things where it has been so long to get to this point, we have prepared for so long and then stopped preparing and now, now... it could be here. Dare I read the book about having a second pregnancy that I bought so optimistically 5 years ago? Do I start going through all the baby clothes in the basement that I have saved and saved?

I guess I got a potential 9 months to go through those... at the very least I will wait until after the 28th before I start to call on OBs (although I have a list of them already).

Update: Here's an interesting article (you'll have to cut and paste--doing this at work on a Mac): http://www.technologyreview.com/Biotech/19284/page1/

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