Thursday, August 02, 2007

Getting close...

Went to blood and ultrasound today. She had to check Lefty with the outer ultrasound...and when she pressed down, it hurt! She said that they are "plumping up". Oh goody. Well, the follicles are growing, 3-4 on the left side are at 18. So, I am sure the retrieval and transfer are going to happen next week. Just not sure when.

In other news:

Michael is visiting me today at work. He has field trips on Thursdays, and they were going to Canobie Lake Park
( again--he has been there 3 times this summer, so I offered that he could spend the day at work with me instead--and wierdly enough--he wanted to! We'll go out for lunch at a Chinese restaurant--and he gets unlimited access to a computer---thank you PBS and! Its fun to have him here--although sometimes a bit stressful (fighting for the printer--"But the ARTHUR page has to print first before the Lease Abstract!". (Luckily, its summer--lot of people are on vacation this week).

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Chas said...

Good luck! Found you on cyclesista...

BTW, the blog this comment will link to is not my IF IF blog is . The password is "frozen".