Monday, December 12, 2016

Personally Inspired

Sometimes a person comes into your life and inspires you in ways you cannot fathom.  Sometimes that person is only in your life for a brief time, then gone.

This weekend, I went to a memorial for such a person.  She was gone too soon...younger than me.  I had not seen her in years, but had kept in sporadic touch with her through social media.

Social media can be deceptive in many ways, least of which, making you feel like your friends are not that far away, that they are only a click away.  

My friend had moved to the west coast a few years ago, and I knew that she had friends and family here.  So, yeah, there were a few times she had come back to visit and the timing wasn't I missed hooking up with her...but I figured, oh there would be a next time.  And now there will not.  And it feels wierd, because for me, there is a part of me thinking, oh, she is just a click away...


She was quirky.  She had tattoos.  She colored her hair.  She came to an interview at my job, and my first vibe was...not sure how she will fit into our company...but she did.  I worked beside her for years.  

She was experienced beyond her years...from good times and tough times.  She was empathetic and tough.  She was a listener and a doer.  I learned about Burning Man through her, we discussed eclectic music choices, and enjoyed sharing musical tastes in our cubical we shared.  

She was funny and enjoyed life.  She knew it was worth living.

I knew she was a special person, someone to keep in contact with, if only to live vicariously through.

She inspired me to be myself, even when I was a bit quirky and geeky. She reminded me of my younger days and made me feel like there was so much more to life.

We had conversations that ran deep and philosophical and we talked about cats.  She had a birthday two days before me, and joked about being "Christmas babies".  We exchanged presents and sympathies over various hurdles in our lives.


And then...I was laid off, she moved away.  We kept in contact, and she faded a bit it my life... but the inspiration...the impact on my life...was there.

I will miss her and her crazy, cool stories and adventures.  

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