Wednesday, October 12, 2016


My energizer bunny is not a morning person.  Especially when she is reluctant to go to school...

She had had a rough time getting to sleep last night, so I let her sleep in a bit.  Now, though, the morning routine is starting to eat into the little time I have in the morning.  [Sheesh, she needs to get up already!]  I pull the covers off of her  [I have made it easy, for gosh sakes...I even have her clothes picked out for her].  She pulls the covers back over her.  I pull them off.  Usually, this is enough.  Not today.  She is very reluctant to start the day, go to school.  The covers are back on.  We struggle and rough house and tickles are deployed.  [Time is running out, I do need to shower, get ready...]  She needs this, I need this.  Tickles, giggles and the back and forth...she finally pins me, her whole body on top of my back.

Finally, she is up.  She really does not want to go to school [she is having a rough time so far this year].  We talk and discuss...extra TLC is in order to get her to start her day today....

I drop her off at school.  I go to work...I am un-showered.

It was worth it. Photobucket

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