Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Learning Experiences, Part II

She always seems to have deep thoughts at the end of the day.  Usually when lying in bed, when I am trying so very hard to just get her to sleep.  Then she asks the coolest questions.

Last night, is typical.  I read to her one of my favorite parts of "On the Banks of Plum Creek".  The part where Nellie Olson gets her comeuppance with leeches.  She asks what leeches are like, and how it feels.  I have had some experiences with leeches...so, I explain.  She talks about how a friend of hers got stung by a bee.  She asks--can you go through your whole life, without being bitten by leeches or having poison ivy, or getting hurt, etc.

I told her how I had gotten in to a bunch of leeches, had a bad case of poison ivy, gotten lots of mosquito bites...and these were all when I was around her age (all, by the way, through Girl Scout Camp...).

The point was, I told her, is that life is the experiences, good and bad.  You learn from them, and later, you can tell stories from them.


This morning...she had a life experience.  I was upstairs getting ready to take her to school.  She dealt with her breakfast dishes, and the kitchen garbage was placed outside (it is stinky and needs to be taken out to the big garbage can).  She stepped out to put some garbage in the kitchen garbage...and got locked out.  I did not hear her for a little while, because I was upstairs.  It was fine, I opened the door not five minutes later--the poor kiddo had some tears streaking her face..but she was fine...and we both laughed about how THIS was a life experience.


Life Happens said...

I love having little chats with my son and to just see the questions he comes up with in his curious little mind. That is special bonding time we have with our kids and before we know it, they will grow up too fast.

Your daughter will look back on all your chats together and will remember all her 'life experiences'. :)

JustHeather said...

I totally get wanting them to JUST GO TO SLEEP at bed time, but like your girl, my boy comes out with all his thoughts for the day. He has told my husband some funny thoughts, interesting realizations and good questions. I have many written down so we can look back on them later in life.
I'm glad you both were able to laugh about it so quickly. As scary as it was in the moment.

torthĂșil said...

It's nice that your daughter has a chance to ask questions and think about the misfortunes of life before they happen. At least sometimes. I think the troubles of life are always a *little* easier to take with some reassurance and preparation! Hopefully not too much sleep is sacrificed for thinking things through....happens to the best of us though!

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