Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Two Steps Forward...One Step Back

Transitions and change and life and work and play and learning and yearning and wondering and anxiety and pain and worry and happiness and cheer and fun and laughter and then finally exhaustion.

That has been the last couple of months for us.  A lot of things happening, mostly good.  Some really bad.  Some not so bad, but worrisome.

While life in general is good--there are bumps in the road -- and there are roads ahead for several of us that look to be rough, wild and unfamiliar.

Willow had some behavior issues in school and we decided to take the initiative and have her tested through the school for ADHD/Autism.  We had The Meeting on Monday.  She is "adorable, funny, entertaining and bright"  "scores above average to high average in reading/comprehension".  Her stories are "creative and concise" and in some of the testing, she "sang her answers".  And she "when angry or frustrated, poor inner control".  She is quirky--and there are tendencies that "could" be ADHD/Autism--or not.  She doesn't qualify for Special Education--but will have Occupational Therapy for her "sensory" issues --which seems to amount to her being fidgety.  So...good meeting over all...but we will have to keep an eye out for things.  (We make Bright and Quirky kids--what can I say?!)

Today, Michael's school called.  The familiar tightness in my stomach as I answered the call.  The fact that he has been doing so well this year, and has made great progress in all aspects of behavior and social well being...all come tumbling down in one incident.  I keep thinking "...but, he was doing so well!"  There are consequences to your actions, especially when you are old enough and even the repentance and "sorrys" are not enough.  He will not be going to the field trip at Fenway tomorrow with his class.  He will process the incident with his case worker and his teacher...he will work through it.  And continue on.

One foot in front of the other.  You trip up, you get back up. One foot in front of the other.  Best philosophy for the moment.  


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