Monday, May 16, 2016

#Microblog Monday: What we did this weekend.

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More as an accounting so I can remember:

  • Michael went to Prom at his school (11th Grader)
  • We had great sushi and noodles and Willow got to have a Japanese soda (with a marble in it!)
  • Michael went to a Transitional College Program (More information HERE)
  • Michael broke his glasses (frames) and we got them replaced
  • Willow had a blast with her cousins while we had a Parent Forum to go to relating to the Transitional Program
  • Willow had her first Dance Recital (!)
  • We all went to the Carnival afterwards
  • Mom and Dad collapsed at home and we ordered pizza and watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (old version)
  • Dad worked in the kitchen on his laptop
  • Willow brought a whole bunch of stuffed animals to the kitchen table for some type of ceremony/dance show
  • Michael watched a Hammer Movie by himself; did so well with the Prom and the whole day College thing..we had mercy on him and did not force him to attend his sister's Dance Recital
  • Michael and Dad and I watched The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires 
  • Random Pictures:
Dress Rehearsal on Wednesday

Getting ready for the Recital

At the glasses place

Intermission at the Recital

Ready to go to Recital

New Glasses (Frames--which are actually the same exact style)

Prom--just after he said "Okay, you guys can go now"


Is it Supergirl!?

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Lollipop Goldstein said...

Big milestones for both kids, but huge congratulations to Michael for going to prom. I tip my hat to anyone who jumps over their feelings about an event, puts on the uncomfortable clothes, and tries to make the best of it. Prom can be hard! At least, it was hard for me. So I'm impressed.