Sunday, January 11, 2015

There and Gone and Going On...

It just struck me this is over.  Hannukah too.  And I am a year older.   The tree and decorations are packed back in our basement, some of the presents have made it into circulation...I am not even sure where they are anymore.  The only left over of the holidays is the extra gallon of egg nog that I bought because I felt that I hadn't had enough (Willow drank the last big of it).

THAT went by fast!

Michael's first week at the new school went very well.  His counselor sent a glowing email update regarding his classes:

"The History fair is in full swing and Michael is working diligently on his topic of Ancient Egypt.  He has been working a good amount of time on his paper and is just starting his powerpoint presentation.  His history teacher is stating that he is doing all of his classwork and has not had any homework because of the fair."

"In Science this week they partnered up and had science experiments on finalizing the chapter on evolution.  They worked on tying their thumbs back and did labs on picking things up without their thumbs."
It was nice to hear about his classes so specifically, and to also hear from the counselor that he was transitioning very well to this new school and situation.

Chewy is starting to get into a real groove with his new job and so 2015 is starting off with transitions and positives...I am hopeful that this year will be better!


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