Saturday, January 31, 2015

Snow and Summer

Lots of snow here and more snow to come...

So it is nice to see our time share week has been confirmed...

Ahh...being able to look at the resort and realize that the last week of June will be spent having fun in the sun...helps a lot.

Meanwhile, despite the snow, 2015 has started out pretty positive.  Michael is doing very well at his new school.  Chewy is working hard and getting praise for it (although a bit frazzled with the kids being around during the recent snow days).  Willow got a good progress report and she is progressing very well with her reading.

We have Total Con to look forward to at the end of February...

More importantly, Michael will be SIXTEEN on the 21st.  I have been planning a birthday party for him...even getting him a custom cake.  Universal Monsters will be the theme.

I hope that at some point he could maybe invite one of the kids from school...but we shall see (it may be too soon).

We have been having fun watching all the Star Wars movies with Willow.

We are all doing pretty well so far.


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MrsSpock said...

Glad to hear switching schools is going well. We are switching next year ourselves.