Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Mad Time

Busy day started off by going to Boston Comic Con and going to see the Mad Magazine Panel.  We got to hear stories from Al Feldstein, Al Jaffee, and Paul Coker, Jr.

It was amazing to see and hear these guys talk about something that has been so influential to our family.

Michael started finding my old Mad Magazines when he was about eleven years old.  One of his presents for his twelfth birthday I got him a subscription of his own, which I renewed this year.

Michael brought the latest issue with him to the Con and he was able to get Paul Coker, Jr. and Al Feldstein to sign it.

Then he went up to the panel (before it was started) to talk to Al Jaffee.  I really don't know what he talked to him about, but he really felt it important to talk to him and not bother him to get his signature.

(He has a signature of Al Jaffee on a Mad book that his dad got him from NYC Con).

It was a very exciting way to start the day!

Willow also got a signed Paul Coker, Jr.--he also drew Frosty the Snowman; so, we received a print with Frosty wishing her a Happy Birthday from Frosty and Mr. Coker.


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Life Happens said...

He seems to be engaged in deep conversation! :)