Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fun Concert on a Saturday Night

Last night we went to another Weird Al concert. Last year we went at the beginning of summer, this year it is the middle of autumn. (and closer!--last year was quite the drive!)

I have always liked taking my kids to live performances and I strive to give them different experiences. We have seen silent movies and plays, musicians and comedians. As Michael has gotten older, he has started to have favorites and is starting to be able to go to more mature material.

And his love for Weird Al has started to exceed our own. He listens to his music on his MP3 player, he requests it in the car. We were one of the first people to have his new CD. So it was wonderful to get a sitter and take our first born to his second Al concert. He had his 2010 tour shirt on, he was bouncing in his seat BEFORE the concert even began. Watching him watch the concert was half the fun!

And, as usual, Weird Al did not disappoint. The man PERFORMS and it is a thrill to watch him go through the many costume changes and characters on stage.

Talkn' about CNR.

Of course, the FAT suit!

Not only the audience participated on the Saga...

It was one of those experiences where you can tell the people on stage are enjoying what they are doing and where you feel a part of their joy in performing. And I love having my son feel that joy.

Thanks, Al!


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Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

That looks like such a fun time. So glad you guys enjoyed yourselves!

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