Friday, September 30, 2011

One Job, Two Job

It would be nice if I could actually have a choice in the job I want. They ask me what my "perfect" job is in interviews, and it is not like I ask too much. Really, I really don't ask too much.

But it seems that in this economy, with employers having the upper hand, the little I do want is hard to find.

What do I want?


I want a job that I can be challenged in. That recognizes that I have a brain and I would like to use it.

I want a job that I can leave at the office. I have a rather hectic, complicated life and I would like to have my "off" hours be my "off" hours.

I want to be able to pick my kids up from daycare/afterschool care at a decent time, so that they are not in a scheduled environment for longer than I have been. (this seems to be the most elusive)

I want respect and a respectable wage to go along with it.


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Kristin said...

Good luck finding the perfect job for you.

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