Thursday, September 08, 2011

Here it is -- 7th Grade!!

This year is another year at Middle School. Last year was a year of firsts and now this morning, he was pretty weary and only slightly anxious (mainly to just get going).

Last night we went through all the supplies, we packed them into his new backpack (its HEAVY) and then realized that we did not know where his combo lock was. After a few minutes searching, I decided to go buy one after he went to bed. So, this morning he practiced on his new combo lock.

He has his lunch, his supplies, his book and book list from the summer. He has a note in his lunch box and he knows we are picking him up from school.

And I got him there late (me--of all people!) and on the first day (!) It was because he used the restroom just before we were going, it was raining hard, AND I went the wrong way out of habit (I was going to the elementary school!).

Since he has been in kindergarten, the pictures are the same...situations change and time moves so fast!

Waking up this morning. Hardly any words...just stumbled into the shower...

First picture of breakfast--(Yay, school?!?)

And then a smile!

And out the door!

Some extra things this year--

A hug from Willow...

Who then dragged his (very HEAVY) backpack over to him.


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Cibele said...

May the 7th grade be an awesome year for you M. He looks so grown up! and handsome!!!