Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Potty Training Post

Been pretty silent about her progress on this aspect. Mainly because I have taken the most hands off approach I could think of and because I feel that there are so many techniques out there--and none of them are fool proof.

Bringing individuals into our world is what we are striving for, so why do we assume our children must adhere to certain milestones and techniques in strict timelines? (Yes, there is a bigger thought in this, which basically grounds my whole philosophy to parenting--but I digress.)

So, with the help of preschool, a little over 2 months ago she started wearing underwear during the day. At first, only during preschool, as it seemed that on the weekends as soon as we put her in underwear, there was an accident. She had a few accidents at preschool, but other than that, she has been pretty vigilant. She finally has comprehended when her body is needing to eliminate and she is really pretty good.

Three weeks ago was the last time I put her in diapers at night (no more diapers in our house!). She still has pull ups at night, but most of the time they are dry in the morning. She is in underwear all day now, although my general rule is if she has two accidents, it is then pull up time.

So far, I would say that she averages 1 accident every other day. She has not had a BM accident at all during this whole process (now I have done myself in, haven't I?).

She is three years and 2 months old, she is pretty on target here. I think that by winter time she will be totally out of pull ups.

There have been some wonderful times when I have found her holding it, making sure we get to the bathroom. I was very proud of how she did while we were on vacation.

While the whole potty training experience can be exasperating, time consuming and annoying (I am still getting used to the extra time and energy I need to spend to make sure she has opportunities to go, etc.)...I must say that so far I have learned that my patience has really paid off.



Karen A. said...
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Serenity said...

Like this post a lot, especially since we're making forays into PT ourselves and I'm discovering that being patient is a really good approach. :)


AwkwardMoments said...

YES ! Patience! Loads of them. Good for you guys