OMG -- THREE (or why I have a birthday ticker up)

Something has happened in this household in the last couple months. Oh, you would think it was my lay off...or Chewy's cellulitus outbreak...or Michael having a doctor recommended lay-off on his ADHD medication during the summer...oh no. FAR WORSE.

Willow has embraced the Dark Side. Oh yeah. She is THREE. And she has blossomed into a whiny, bossy, manipulative, drama making, screaming out loud, laughing, giggling, cute-as-a-button Three Year Old. Oftentimes I am counting to ten, gritting my teeth, mumbling under my breath.

Nothing like a Three Year old to just make you feel like an awful parent. Take a Three year old anywhere and they will make sure to somehow have your parenting skills called into question.

You would think that I would have been prepared...but Michael was such an easy toddler/preschooler. Little did I know what Three could be.

And I love her and this is just a phase (Oh yeah, I mutter that a lot to myself). But...OMG, can she turn Four already?!!?



Kristin said…
Three is a hard age, but, honestly, I don't think 4 was much better.
AwkwardMoments said…
Oh, 3! It is quite shocking. I am there with you. Hugs to you

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