Perfect Moment Monday

Several perfect moments this weekend, even though it was a strange, stressful and annoying weekend. (My husband was in and out of the ER/hospital because of an infection caused by a toothache--intravenous antibiotics and a night in the hospital seems to have done the trick)

Moment #1: My son was still up when I came home from taking his father to the hospital. He wanted to be up for me. We said good bye to our friend who had stayed to watch the children--and then my son and I watched an episode of the Simpsons on a DVD together until midnight. And then he came up with me to my bed and snuggled close to me, helping me drift off to sleep. My comfort when I needed it.

Moment #2: She wakes up right away the next morning. Asks for daddy--I distract her by having her look outside at how nice it is looking and what fun we will have today. And she notices the squirrels on the fence. We watch and giggle at the squirrels going up and down the fence, back up the trees and back down. She filled my heart with laughter even when I was tired and weary.

Moment #3: She is raring to go and a phone call from daddy has prompted her to pull me along to the door to go see him... She wants to go visit him. She already has her coat on, her shoes and is looking for her sunglasses. (The rest of us are still in pjs)

Moment #4: He and his friend take up the sidewalk chalk and tell me to distract her while they work on a surprise for her. Finally they are done, with chalk all over their hands and pants--a HUGE Heart with "Willow" written in the middle of it.

Pictures I took on my cell to send to their dad who was waiting to be discharged...

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Suzy said…
So sorry the hubby was in and out of the ER this weekend. Hope he's finally on the mend.

Your kids are so thoughtful! I just love hearing your stories about them!
That heart is beautiful. Your son has so much love for his little sister and they seem amazingly close despite the age difference. He is such a sweet kid! Hope your husband is better!
Kristin said…
Yikes, so sorry your hubby had to make a trip to the ER.

All the moments with your kids sound magical. I'm glad you had them to take the edge off the health scare with your hubby.
Miss K said…
You have such great kids, but that's not a surprise since they have pretty awesome parents :)
Lavender Luz said…
I adore how devoted your son is to his sister.

Hope all returns to normal soon for your husband. And that you get some rest.
caitsmom said…
May everyone in your family be well, and loved the sidewalk Art!
Sheri said…
I am visiting from Lori's Weebles Wobblog Perfect Moment Monday post.

What a loving, caring family you have. I'm sorry about your hubby and am very touched by the caring and compassion between your kids.

Thanks for sharing your Perfect Moment!
Photogrl said…
I love your perfect moments...the love between your son and Willow is just precious!

Hope hubby is feeling MUCH better!
MrsSpock said…
IV antibiotics sound awful!

And Michael is very sweet to his sister...

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