Saturday, October 24, 2009

Willow - 1.5

Today marks Willow's half way mark on her way to being a two year old.


Words she says: done, mamma, up, milk, thank you, dad, john, kitty/kat, and many more that surprise us daily.

She has many, many teeth now, and can eat carrots and apples whole, has had her share of pizza and cake and ice cream.

She can go up and down the stairs.

She can kiss and hug and "feed" stuffed animals, baby dolls. She even fusses to put them to "bed".

She can run and kick a ball.

She plays games. Her favorites: "Tickle/Tummy Fart Monster is Coming to Town" and "Willow the Revenge Monster hides out and then Surprises Everyone"

She understands simple instructions. She understands stories and is starting to have favorite books.

She has opinions on her clothes, her shoes, what she eats, what she should be doing (bath time should be all the time!).



You are becoming such an amazing little girl. You are curious and adventurous. You have a girly streak and I can see you will be obsessing over shoes and clothes for years to come. Your smile is infectious and your chatter is delightful. Every day I am amazed by you. Every day I find myself more and more in love with you.

Time is going by so quickly, and I find myself wistful for this summer and the fun we had on the beach and playing outdoors. And then I realize that I can show you all the leaves in the fall--and I am looking forward to seeing what you really think of snow this year!

From one of your favorite books:

Rock-a-bye Seasons
(to the tune of "Rock-a-bye, Baby")

My little pumpkin,
What do you do
Every fall season
When sleep time is through?

Do you pick apples
So red and round?
Or gather up leaves
That fall to the ground?

My little snowflake,
What do you do
Each winter morning
When sleep time is through?

Do you go walking
Through the white snow?
And wear big red boots
Wherever you go?

My little rosebud,
What do you do
Every spring day
When sleep time is through?

Do you pick daisies?
Smell a red rose?
Run through the grass
That tickles your toes?

My little sunshine,
What do you do
All summer long
When sleep time is through?

Do you have picnics
Under a tree?
Go hunting for seashells
Down by the sea?

My little dear one,
What will you do
As days pass us by
And each year is through?

As you grow older
What will you be?
You will be loved
And precious to me.

Written by Diane C. Ohanesian ("Bedtime Sing to Me")

Love ya, my little Bean.


Christy said...

Such a sweet little dollface! I loved reading what she can do now! It's truly amazing how fast the time passes.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

They are growing up so fast! Happy half birthday, Willow.

JJ said...

Look at those brown eyes!!! Happy 1.5 bday willow!

Cibele said...

Happy 1/2 birthday seet girl, you are growing cuter and smater everyday. Look how proud your mommy is!!!!

KimboSue said...

Happy 1/2 birthday Willow! You are getting too big!

Love the rhyme.

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