Friday, May 29, 2009

Little Things Can Mean So Much

Yesterday, we went to a Memorial Day concert and saw Michael sing--it was the first time I saw his personality open up on stage (usually he just sort of stands there only partly singing songs I KNOW he knows--cuz he sings them around the house). This time, he had a group solo (I watched--and video taped) him fooling with the microphone--it was on a stand and too tall. For the second song, I saw him nudge another little boy and point to his little sister, who was smiling and clapping along.

This morning, just as I was walking to the car to take my son to school, he hugged me. I needed that hug (and he isn't always with the affection, this one).

I was putting on her coat, and asked Willow to give me her arm, so I could put it in the sleeve. She gave me her arm and also offered the other one.

Adriana, our once-a-week-housekeeper (who I THANK every week that we have, cuz my sanity is saved yet again) came in this morning and said how beautiful Willow was. And hugged her and cooed to her. And then Willow followed her around the house...

I spent some quiet time with Willow as the day was cold and rainy--we stared into each others eyes.

After school today I took Michael for a much needed haircut. He wanted to go to the Newbury Comics store nearby. We made some purchases, and as I was paying for them, my cell phone rang. As I was talking, I left the store with our purchases--and proceeded to see that I had a little shoplifter in our midst. Willow had grabbed a candy bar off the shelves that are underneath the counters. She was attempting to eat it through the wrapper. It was all bitten and slobbery--hence it went into the trash...(I did not go back to pay for it, sorry...but the kids were driving me insane, needed to go home!)

I was able to buy a few scrapbook items yesterday, and may actually have time to scrapbook this weekend!


Fertilized said...

Oh i need a house cleaner ... I am glad you enjoyed michale's performance.

Willow the klepto! Actualy I did that once at Target. I put something in the buggy and it slid under MT's carseat and I didnt fidn it until I was loading up the car ... and After he is already in the car .I am NOT going back in

JJ said...

Awww how sweet of Michael=) Moments that melt your heart...

Hope you have had time to scrap this weekend!