Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Growing Pains

While I was up at 1 a.m. dealing with an inconsolable-totally-unlike-herself-because-she-is-teething(?) Willow...I was heartened to read several posts by people on Facebook and a hillarious post by Serenity on the stage we are going through--the early stage of toddlerhood.

Its interesting that I have done this before, but I am still learning every day things I either don't remember, did not know, or mistakes that I then remember that I did with Michael. Everyday I find myself trying to compare--when Michael tried to get into the downstairs bathroom, we merely had the door shut (adding a door knob do-hickey later on that prevented everyone from opening the door with ease). Now, we have the cat's litter in there. Even when I shut the door, I can only do it for a little bit of time--I really don't know a more convenient spot for the cat's litter, and I really am not in the mood to train two non-verbal beings in the house at once. (yes, I know--the dreaded Gate will have to make an appearance)

When Willow goes for the entertainment center--its not the huge cabinet it was for Michael. The huge non-fragile cabinet. No...know its the smallish stand with the BIG new T.V. on it, and the Wii and the X-Box...and the wires therein...she is like a fly attracted to the light. I have the wires under control. And she mostly avoids it--unless the television is on...and then WHOOSH! Willow is after that television stand. (yeah, limited television viewing has been enforced, but there is only so much of that in a house with a ten year old--if its not the television, its video games)

I don't know if its because I am older, or because she is faster. Last night I was putting the dishes into the dishwasher while Michael was doing his homework. And Willow was sitting on my foot and trying to grab at the dirty utensils that I just put in. I muttered about not knowing if Michael had been this underfoot. Willow just smiled at me. And tried to pull my sock off. And then crawl 60 mph to the cat's food dish.


Somewhat Ordinary said...

OMG, they are fast and furious when it comes to stuff you don't want them to have, aren't they? I find my son wants to hold onto my pants or be held whenever I'm doing something in the kitchen, but as soon as I come to sit and play in the living room he wants nothing to do with me.

Just a few more weeks until her birthday!!

Martha said...

It's an exhausting and fun age! I think you get amnesia in between children.

serenity said...

DO I know what you're going through. I love it, but yeah. Exhausting. And honestly? I don't bother with dishes when Baby O is in the kitchen. Moth to a flame, you said.

At least you're not alone!

KimboSue said...

what a fast little booger you got! 60 mph!! LMAO

Fertilized said...

This has nothing to do you with you age at all. We are doing the same routine. Cat food/litter, TV, computer cords and all. WoW have my eyes been opened to the world of having a mobile one. Definately was not ready for this.

I think about how i thought the early days were rough ones. Thouse days were cake compared to where we are now

Cibele said...

Wow, Lyla is everywhere also. It is ahrd to keep up with her. I find myself saying No , Lyla No, No Lyla... a million times. It is fun and exhausting indeed

Caro said...

I've had a few of the completely inconsolable middle of the night session recently too.

As for speed, baby T is very fast when he spots a computer cable.