Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Elusive Sleep

It was quiet. Too quiet. We had gotten the kids down by 9 p.m., which was a miracle, since we had went out to eat and had gotten home late.

We relaxed. And then husband did some work and I did the bills. I started to get ready for bed, doing the normal rounds--getting Michael's lunch money ready, his snack for the day (they still do snacks during the day in 4th grade).

And then Michael came down. Wakeful and fidgety...telling us that he had been up reading in his bed (it was almost midnight).

We think its his ADHD medication, because this wakefulness seems to have started since we upped his dosage 2 weeks ago.

Finally getting him settled, or so I thought, I left my husband doing work at his computer. I layed down...started to drift off...and

I heard something blurping/rustling on the baby monitor and then I heard russling and a comotion. My son had taken out his iguana (Pepi) to play with and the iguana had gotten lose--ran across the hall into Willow's room, right into the baby monitor--and Michael caught him. When I arrived, Pepi was on Michael's arm, Michael and Pepi was in his room...and I finally got him to bed--and then I heard the russling and movement of Willow...who promptly cried....

Michael drifted off to sleep within a 1/2 hour of the iguana incident, Willow took a bit longer for us to resettle her--we went to bed around 3 a.m.


Martha said...

Sorry about missing sleep, ugh.
I hope you got your shower favor package, please let me know if you didn't recieve it, thanks.

KimboSue said...

Oh my! 3AM with a kid, a baby, and an iguana!!

I got your BRU package today. Thank you so much!

Fertilized said...


Cibele said...

hoping for a betetr night tonight