Friday, January 23, 2009

The Tale of our Television…a story about the economy we live in

About 5-6 months ago (before the collapse of Wall Street), when things were only “pretty bad”, we decided to buy a new television. Okay, we didn’t decide, our old television did. Anyway, we went to Circuit City and bought a 40 inch television. The brand name was Polaroid, who was filing for bankruptcy at the time, hence why it was a little cheaper. No problem, we have a service contract and warranty (and my feeling on things like Televisions/DVD players—as long as it’s a brand that you have heard of—its all the same stuff). So, New Years Day—the television blew up—sparks and everything. Calling Circuit City, they said they would have a repair guy (a subcontractor) come out and pick it up. A week later, we called and the repair man said that he was waiting for a part.

Today he called. Well, Polaroid is gone. Circuit City is shutting down. The part to repair the television is not forthcoming. The repair man said that we will be getting a refund. I am not sure from whom, but they assured us that we will get a refund. Because Circuit City will not do exchanges. Because like almost every company in the U.S.—they are going out of business or in trouble.

Once we get our money back, I guess we will go to one of the few stores that is doing well right now---Target or Walmart.


Kate said...

What a story! It's like a perfect storm of bankruptcy! We were at Wal-Mart and they have some good prices on HD 1080p TVs.

Cibele said...

OMG!!! I am so sorry

Another Dreamer said...

Ungh. I'm sorry for that. I am so sick of seeing stores close, it really hits the entire local areas hard. Not to mention each individual that gets hit upside the head with it.

Rachel said...

What a hassle. The picture on my TV is turing all weird shades of green and pink, so I know the end is near. I think I'll play it safe and buy it at Walmart or Target...but not until I absolutely have to...this one is going to limp along as long as possible, green faces and all.

~Jess said...

Our TV died as well. We had ordered one from BJs, but canceled it and got it from Walmart. That way if there is a problem we know they'll be there.

Hopefully you get your money soon.