Tuesday, January 06, 2009


As she ran her hands through my hair, the soothing comfort of it made me drift.  As she pulled and rubbed at my scalp, I drifted off to sea on an imaginary wave.  As she touched my face and pulled and stretched and rubbed, I relaxed and closed my eyes.


As she pulled strands of my hair as hard as she could, I could tell she was pulling herself backwards (I am a natural bungee cord!).  As tears come to my eyes, I hear her giggle.  As she put her whole fist into my mouth to explore my teeth and tongue, I gag a little but let her do it anyways.  The pokes and prods elicited smiles and wide brown eyes.  I nuzzled her tummy and heard her explode with giggles.


Rachel said...

An eloquent portrayal of what it's like to be mauled by an 8 month old!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

This is lovely!!

I like what Rachel said about being mauled by an 8 month old.

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