Thursday, August 14, 2008

Obstacle Course

I am not sure if its just normal life or what, but lately, trying to get back into routines has been ridden with hidden obstacles.

My exercise routine.

I have started to get back to not only working out at work, but also biking on the stationary bike in the morning. For the last three weeks, Willow has been going to bed around 9 – 10 p.m. and sleeping until 4-5 a.m. After the first 2 weeks of this, I figured it was safe to start biking. I have been able to have time and energy in the morning to do my 20 mins on the bike, shower and then breast-feed her before I go to work. No sooner had I done this for 3 days in a row (!) then, things Popped Up:
-- Willow gets up at 4 a.m. and doesn’t go back to sleep after a feeding.
-- Michael brings Willow in while I am biking because “she’s so cute when she is sleeping!” (Which, of course, are the magic words to make her wake up!)
-- Have to take kids to their day care/camp because Husband has early morning meeting (this is happening next Monday too!)
-- What do you mean its time to go to bed!?!? (times 2)

-- AND getting a work out at work has interruptions from a company wide lunch meeting; having to leave early (thus skipping lunch hour for work-out) for company BBQ and kid’s appointments, respectively.


Normally, Michael has therapy for his ADHD on Thursday nights. We stopped during the month Willow was born and restarted the next month. And have consistently had to re-schedule, cancel or postpone. Our next appointment is in the middle of September.

My mom meter is close to the danger level when it comes to the amount of time Michael has spent on video games since Willow has been born (and I know I am exaggerating here, its not as bad as I imagine). BUT, I wanted his video game time to get lower so he could spend more time playing outdoors, etc. AND its been the worst summer ever for outdoors time! Rain Rain rain rain…too hot…rain rain rain rain. Weirdly enough, he has had time outside—he even has a tan!

I swore we would do as the teacher had asked (all students) and have Michael practice his multiplication tables every day, practice handwriting and read. The reading I find the most important and I have had him keep up with that. The other stuff—I vacillate from wanting him to have SUMMER down time and wanting to make sure he does know this stuff. And, quite frankly, I only have so much energy left at the end of the day! (Hence those video games!!) I mean, yes, I have had the Super Mom moments of breast feeding Willow while feeding the cat and going over the 6 times tables---its just not happening every day folks!

Willow has a rash on her neck that has become infected and she also seems to be getting a cold. Which means that on top of the normal 3 ½ month old infant care and feeding, we now have to put on a topical anti-biotic three times a day and a cortisone cream twice a day (for a week or so). And she slept in this morning (because she started getting the cold last night), which meant that instead of feeding her this morning, I was pumping (Moo!) Which also meant I missed seeing her awake this morning. ☹

(And Husband said she woke up smiley and everything!)


Trying to eat healthier has fallen flat, as most of the time trying to make dinner at home has been hampered by Husband working late unexpectedly, which means by the time he gets home (if he gets home before 9 p.m.), we order out. On a good day, I feel triumphant if I can get home on time, breastfeed Willow, find something for Michael to do, spend time with them both AND make dinner. (Guess which thing gets dropped first).


Willow is sleeping quite well. Now, if I could actually take advantage of that. But I don’t go to bed when I probably should. Mainly because after she goes to bed, there is the lunch for Michael to be pack, the dishes to be put into the dishwasher (thankfully, I don’t have to wash them), wash and sterilize bottles, and, oh, possibly RELAX (with or without Husband, who may be working at home on the computer). IF I get to bed by 11:30 p.m., it’s a miracle.

Okay, so there is normal life in a nutshell. Its messy and tiring and fun and joyful and decadent.

Tonight, I add to the mix—we are going to the zoo for a member night event.

Hmmm...I guess sometimes I create my own obstacles

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Kate said...

Wow. Reading that made me tired. It sounds like you are doing a really good job considering what you have to juggle! I hope that once school starts things will get into more of a routine.

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