Monday, August 04, 2008

Morning Routine

This morning went so smoothly that I just realized, sitting here at work at 10 a.m.--Willow slept through the night again! She went to bed about 10:30 and was not up until 6 a.m. The fact that I did not even acknowledge this fact, points to two things. One, Willow sleeps through the night quite frequently now. Two--routines are starting to take place. This morning went smoothly (I even got to exercise like I used to!).

This morning, I woke up and grudgingly used the stationary bike for 20 mins. My son was up and had come into our bed 10 mins before I finally decided to quit using the snooze alarm and get my fat ass out of bed and exercise--he's a good motivator, as he pushes you out of bed while he squirms around. I got into the shower. He came into the bathroom and asked me could he wake up Willow, because she was "so cute!" I told him please wait until I was done showering.

Finished my shower (in peace!) and looked through the laundry--started sorting it and waking up the husband. (He's not a morning person--hmm...actually, I am not as much of a morning person as I used to be either--maybe cuz my son is a SUPER morning person--the scum...). Michael got Willow out of the crib (I watched). He wants to hold her and pick her up...but putting her on our bed this morning--it a struggle for him and I realize we have to supervise him a bit more from now on--she is just so wiggly and getting heavier...

Willow smiled her smile. Then proceeded to cry (partially because her big brother was trying to snuggle her and pinch her cheeks--he likes to do that a lot).

We go downstairs, I breastfeed Willow, while husband gets my breakfast (and I try his patience by mentioning that I need more butter and syrup than he put on my pancakes--there is no milk in the house--forgot it because we did a lot of social stuff this weekend--, so now no cereal for me this morning). While eating breakfast, remind husband that Michael needs his medication...also, I need my Pre-Natal vitamin and my medication (I am weaning myself of the Zoloft now).

My conversations with my husband in the morning can become annoying (even to me), as I list off or remind him of the various things that need to be done this morning after I leave for work (I leave before they go, so that I can leave earlier to pick them up). This morning was especially interesting as Michael was going to a different camp for the rest of the summer--a camp that doesn't have lunches there, which means my conversation with my husband went kinda like this:

"Don't forget his lunch that is in the refrigerator." (X 3) [Aside: "Michael, don't forget that you have a lunch in the refrigerator"]

"Oh, and don't forget to let the camp counselors know that this is his first day."

"Oh and don't forget the formula for the daycare provider...she needs more."

"Oh, and don't forget to ask about how much we have to pay for the camp fees."

"Maybe you can ask to pay it when you drop him off?"

"Where is his swimsuit?" "Oh, here it is." "Don't forget his backpack."

[Aside: "Michael? Do you need money for camp?"]

"Please put sunblock on him...(I know he hasn't been doing it, and this camp is outside most of the day)."

"Oh, and don't forget his lunch--in the refrigerator."

and finally, as I rush out (hey, I was running a bit early before, how did I get a little late now?):

"Love ya!" (as he holds Willow while on the couch, son sitting nearby waiting to beg to play a videogame).


IM from husband:

1)micheal saw [a friend]
I have arrainged for them to be in the same group next week
the pink puma or whatever

2) [daycare provider] has the can [of formula]

3) micheal has his lunch'

4) I put on lotion
he put it on his face (jis insitance)

she took a nap this morning 1 hr
micheal sang to her

I love my family! :-)

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