Michael with unrelated Update

My feelings for you I cannot describe. My words fail to encompass the wholeness I feel when I watch you sleep or concentrate on a book or writing a journal entry or play board games.

Words cannot describe you my son, but I will try.

You are funny even when you are not;
you are intelligent, sometimes too much for your own good;
you are squirmy, especially when being tickled or hugged;
you are irreverent, you are cute, lovable, impish, frustrating and lively;
you are becoming someone I am proud of;
you are my everything;
you are why I wished for another one;
you are my first
you are my son.

I love you more than I can ever be able to tell!!

Happy Birthday, Kiddo!


Update: Just wanted to point out a great post by Leah. She talks about the many feelings/fears that a lot of secondary infertiles have once we do get that BFP.


Simply beautiful! Wishing your baby a very happy 9th birthday!
SaraS-P said…
Happy B-Day Michael!
The Dunn Family said…
Happy Birthday Michael! He is just so precious!
Valerie said…
Happy Birthday!
Cibele said…
Happy birthday little man....

I JUST GOT YOUR GIFT TODAY, you;re so so sweet. Dh and I had so much fun reading the book. It is hilariious and now we know what not to do. LOL
Thanks a lot,
Ana said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I've seen Michael grow up and I have to agree... he's a kid to be proud of. Peace!!!

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