Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hormonal Pregnant Woman OutBurst # 2 – Or Leggo My Eggo, Dammit!

Husband is in charge of getting Michael to school in the morning. Which means he also has to do breakfast. To help him (and save myself the mess when I get home) Michael usually has his choice of oatmeal or some type of frozen Waffle/Pancake/Toaster Sticks. Usually the Lego Eggos or Mini Pancakes. Sometimes I get him the really bad stuff—cinnamon buns. Something fun, but not too decandent. My husband usually foregoes breakfast (even though it’s the most important meal of the day!)

Since I lost weight and even with the pregnancy, I try not to have pancakes/waffles, etc. as they are too many carbs. But, occasionally I will have some. About a month ago I got a craving for Eggo Blueberry Waffles. I bought a box, and had some while we were watching a movie (Notes on a Scandal---great movie). I remember telling my husband how much this was unlike me, but I really was craving them.

So, last week, I bought another box of them. I had another craving for them. Had 2 for breakfast on the weekend. Michael was with me, and he decided he wanted one too. Not a problem.

Then: this morning, there was a 2 hour snow delay for Michael’s school. Since everyone got a little extra (really needed) sleep, I figured I would be slow in leaving for work. While I did the morning routines, in my mind I could picture two wonderful blueberry waffles slathered with butter and (sugar free) syrup. My mouth watered. I was looking forward to them.

I came down. And the box was not in the freezer. And, crying, I asked where my blueberry waffles were. (You guessed it, despite there being PLENTY of alternatives—my HUSBAND and son ate them). My husband assumed they were not mine, even after I reminded him of the Notes on the Scandal incident (which he claims to not remember).

They were gone. ☹ Only the lingering of their smell in the air. And me crying, because I so craved them….



Baby Deux! said...

I can't remember who I told this story to, it may have been you but I made bacon one day because I was CRAVING a BLT...Buddy needed a nap and I went to lay down with him and ended up falling asleep too.

When I got up I was practically drooling until I discovered THE WHOLE PLATE of bacon was GONE! My hubby had eaten it and I was left BAWLING yelling that all I wanted was a damn BLT!

He felt so bad and offered to make me some more and I just pouted the rest of the day. :o)


Waiting Amy said...


Ana said...

wow girlfriend... maybe you should order 2 boxes of the blueberry eggos from Peapod and write APRIL on one box so they don't eat them. then you would avoid the nightmares. lol. hope you get your waffles soon!

Valerie said...

Oh no he did not!I would kill Tony if he did that to me!

Kate said...

I would have cried, too!

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