Friday, April 29, 2011

Transitions/Birthday Partys

Still working on our new normals here.

Husband is still working out the commute and working in Boston (its been a while). He got to hear and see the Boston marathon go past his building; he has gone down 9 flights of stairs for a fire alarm. The subway can be relaxing, but also crowded. The job itself is so far a good fit for him; but the bureaucracy in getting him set up with health care/pay has been annoying.

We are still dealing with our routines around his schedule, and then we had a visitor last week...Grandma came for a week. Which was nice for the kids, but still disruptive to our schedules that are already kind of in disarray.

Michael had been sick the week before (another disruption) and last week was school vacation week. He had fun hanging out with Grandma most of the week and I took off last Friday so that we could all enjoy a movie (Rio--which was good) and visit my nieces (5 months old tomorrow!).

Willow is still transitioning to preschool. This morning was the first morning that she was not protesting to go to preschool. And she ran off saying "bye" to dad instead of lingering with him.

She is also transitioning to underwear, and started the final stages of daytime potty training. She is definitely learning and enjoying preschool once she is there.

Of course, last week was her birthday party. I now have an official three year old....

The party was fun and everyone had a good time. Willow had some friends over (her first b-day party that I included children outside the family) and they enjoyed playing with Gooey Gesyer Goo, running around and playing with toys and beating on the Dora pinata.

The Dora cake came out wonderful! I am so grateful to my friend Ana for making it. Willow loved it!

Licking off the frosting on Dora.

Loot from the pinata.

The next day, her actual birthday, we went to the zoo. She dressed herself in a costume she had gotten as a present for her birthday.

Playing at the playground at the zoo.

This past Wednesday I took them to the doctor for their annual checkup.

Stats: Michael is 4' 9 1/2" tall; 75 lbs
Willow is 3' 1" tall; 32 lbs

Tomorrow is her first visit to the dentist.

And then...oh, I hope we can start working on the establishing our "normal" routine a bit more...cuz so far, its been an exhausting three weeks!!


Kristin said...

Love her costume and the cake is gorgeous.

Hope your schedules settle down. It's hard when life is in a bit of chaos.

Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

I'm glad the transition to pre-school is going well.

It looks like she had a fantastic time at her birthday party. I can't believe she's 3 already!?!

And I just love that last picture of her with M! They are growing up so fast!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize he was working OUT of town! That's a wrench in your routine, I'll say!

The party looks like it was fabulous and the cake is super cute!