Matter of Perspective

Last night I had someone ask me how many kids I had and their ages. Probably because I was tired and relaxed, in a strange place without the kids, or the fact I had just finished a big glass of plum wine...I gave their ages as 12 and 8 years old. I immediately corrected myself and, pleasantries done, we went on to the matter at hand (room service, YUM--more on that next post).

This morning as I lay in bed enjoying the non-wake up calls of my children, I pondered upon that mistake. Why did I say 12 and 8? Probably because our original plan would have had the kids be closer in age, and my ideal age gap would have been 4 years apart. Yet again the age gap question that lurks in the deepest corners of my subconscious. This time, however, I started realizing that I actually was happy the length in age, for I am starting to see Michael grow out of childhood and into teenage/young adulthood. And there is Willow, just on the cusp of all the things I really love about childhood. So, while sometimes I do wish that they were closer in age, I realized that while that would have been my "ideal", I am damned lucky to have this chance to relive those childhood milestones again, and yet see the future too.



JJ said…
Thank you SO MUCH for my egg! :) xoxo
AwkwardMoments said…
places our brain goes too .. it's bizarre
Barb said…
My step sister and I are 7.5 yrs apart, and we are happy as clams. :)
Ideals and plans are really on my mind a lot lately. When Smooch was born I was at such peace with the way things had gone because if things had gone as planned in '05 when I started trying I wouldn't have HIM! I have to keep reminding myself that the plan didn't work last time, but turned out amazing and so will this kink in my plans. Thanks for this reminder!
Cleide said…
This post made me cry! so beautiful!

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