Friday, April 15, 2011

Down Time

Michael was sick this week. And since Hubs just started a new job, I had to take the hit. Several of them. Combined with the snow days that I had to take, various time off I have had to take...well, my days off are pretty damned limited now. And I am not too happy about that. (Especially since I am going to ask for next Friday off because of my mom visiting and me wanting to actually have a vacation day to spend with her and my kids...)

I was so not happy with it that I tried the old working parent deception. You know, the one that meant that on Wednesday I sent my kid into school armed with Ibuprofen in his system, hoping he could at least eek out 1/2 a day so that I could get to work? You know, that one. That failed miserably, within a half hour of him entering the school. Luckily, Hubs took that hit for that day. Which means I then had to take the hit the next day, because the school nurse said Michael had to be 24 hours without a fever (and they had just checked him at school so they KNEW). Oh, and according to the school nurse, Michael was such an honest and polite boy, as he told them that we knew he had temp and sent him on his way...yep, honest...not like his PARENTS (not a proud moment here...).

So. Yesterday. Michael was not sick the whole day. Normal temperature, with each periodic check. And most of the morning I spent whining (mostly to myself) about the fact that this was one more day I had to take off. One more day I would not have for future issues, sick days, vacations this year.

And then I stopped. Mainly because Michael came downstairs (from doing some homework...he at least got some of his work for the week on Wednesday). He came downstairs in near tears telling me how he felt this was all his fault because he was honest with them at school. And how he should have been able to stay in school, etc. Feeling like a heal I told him the truth. That he did the right thing, we did the wrong thing. That, in the end, who cares about the time off? I can't get fired over it (and if I do, well, good riddens! They have known from the start that I put my family as #1). And, if I have to, at the end of the year, I could ask to take UnPaid time I told him all this.

And then I put my worries aside. And we played chess. (Kif played too!)

He beat me twice (I am not a very good chess player...and he is improving a lot!). We watched a MST3K and laughed like crazy. We went out and bought birthday party supplies for Willow. (Including this Dora Pinata--oh yeah, I will enjoying hitting that!)

And we enjoyed our day together!

In the evening, as I tucked him into bed, I made sure to tell him how much I enjoyed getting this extra time with him. And I did. I don't regret a moment of it.



Kristin said...

I'm so glad you were able to have a great day together.

I suck at chess too. That means we could probably have a pretty good game against each other.

AwkwardMoments said...

what a sweet boy

St Elsewhere said...

I understand what you are saying here. Even when both the parents are working, the mother has to take the bigger brunt in case a chil falls sick which also translates into taking offs one would not have taken otherwise. I saw my mother having to do it.

Your kid showed tremendous understanding when he acknowledged that maybe he was the cause for the off you took.

I hope none of your children fall sick anytime soon and that Willow has a wonderful birthday party.

And so glad that you used the day to have quality time with your son.

St Elsewhere said...

oops...child, not chil.