Note to Daycare Provider...

Hubs wrote this:

(Sorry, can't seem to make it bigger)

Today is Willow's last day at family daycare. She has made visits to Preschool and will be starting there on Monday. I bought Hoodsies and a thank you card with gift to her family daycare provider...but I thought my husband did one better than all that...he gave of his heart.

Willow has been with this home care provider since she was 5 months old. She has been there through my lay-off (part time) and through various stages of her development (she is leaving with potty training in full swing). I can tell you her love of babies can be directly related to the time in this care. And I know they will both miss each other. (And yes, I will try to make time for some visits!)



Yo-yo Mama said…
That even made me teary! Very sweet and I'm sure that's something the provider will treasure.

Aitch still goes to daycare for a few hours a week and she never fails to tell us how much she loves this person or that person. I make sure to tell that care provider the next time.
A very sweet letter! I'm sure the provider will cherish that.
AwkwardMoments said…
this is so sweet
Barb said…
I can picture us writing that to ours when we leave. It's so wonderful to have that good relationship. (I'm here from PMM by the way)

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