Saturday, March 12, 2011


Today, we went to the newly renovated planetarium (I am sure I am not the only one that always feels like I am saying that wrong?).

Before we went to the show, Michael suggested we go visit the small children's discovery zone. We hadn't been there since Willow was about one, so it was a "new" discovery for her.

Willow enjoyed playing in the water area:

The fishes she hoarded away from the other kids...warning, other kids, you put the fishy down the stream, the Willow Monster grabs it!! (Yeah, I had her give most of them back)

She also put fishies down the stream!

Yeah, I know she needs a haircut! (Next week, I promise!)

It was fun being there and watching her explore things that I remember Michael exploring. And it was fun watching Michael remembering things and revisiting them...

Yeah, he don't fit as well into the bee costume or the hive...

The planetarium itself was awesome, although Willow was a bit frightened of it and had a few times when she said she wanted out...but we snuggled her closer and in the end she enjoyed it. She is always "finding" the moon in the evening and on car rides. Often she finds it up in the sky and asks to go there...and I always tell her she needs a rocket to do so...maybe someday she will be an astronaut! :-)


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JJ said...

Love the pictures!

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