Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Plan 2011 - February Update

Well, things were not that great in February. Still reeling from various snowstorms and various anxieties involving work, finances and life in general in the middle of a snowy-post-holiday-will-the-winter-never-end type month.

But, it ended on high notes with a successful birthday party for Michael (nerf-guns, clone trooper and cake, pizza, rowdy kids, oh my!) and a fun time at Total Confusion.

So, maybe March will be a better month to stick to my goals...lets see what scattered remnants are left from this past month...

In the Health/Well-being department:

Well, I kept my morning exercise routine fine--I would say this is a non-goal issue anymore--I totally am in this routine and, baring sickness, I am keeping it up (its been a year). That night time Wii workout--STILL kinda tangled up like the cords behind my television. Big downfall this month was COMFORT food. So, no weight loss, but no significant gain either--just flipping stagnant. Ugh.

In the Family Life Department:

"Ultimate goal is to spend more time with family; family work as team"

Both children are maturing and taking on new responsibilities. For Michael, we are trying to make him be more independent when it comes to making himself breakfast, etc. He has also been a great help with Willow.

Willow, for her part, decided that she may actually try this Potty Training thing. I am keeping this pretty loose and fancy free, underwear was bought, but that was too much for her. So, we are doing pull-ups during the day, diapers at night. She seems to be taking to it well, but we are far from the "all accidents" stage.

Anxiety has definitely been the worst thing plaguing our family this February, so I have decided that this month's goal is to find better ways to handle the stress for everyone. At one point this month I just laid down on the couch, lights low, and listened to a recording of thunderstorms--the best thing for me at that point. I need to do that more often. Also, I sensed from the gaming weekend that what really helps us to de-stress...playing games and being silly. We did not do enough of that this past month. We all need to do more of it this month.

Other goals that were managed in February...we did find another avenue for babysitting (a friend's daughter), so we did get to go out on our anniversary of our first date. We had an expensive dinner, thanks to my bosses Gift Card and we saw True Grit (with my brother's Gift Card). Some time was actually spent with my husband. Still not enough time, so that goal needs to be put down for next month. Also, I did manage to spend quality time with both children--although playing with Willow's dolls in her house is not most stimulating, she is getting into dinosaurs--great house crashers!

Goals for March:

Stress relief for all!

Start to plan Willow's birthday party in April!

Plan for her change into Pre-school in April!

Plan and save more.

Find some new meals to add to our dinners.

Actually watch what I eat and get back to eating more healthy.


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