Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Where is Safe...

Hiding things or keeping things away from Whirlwind Willow is often not only impossible, but also frustratingly exasperating.

How can this girl not understand finding a good hiding place for Hide N Seek (oh, she is ALWAYS in the kitchen next to the fridge or under the kitchen table and expects you to be there on your hiding turn too), but she can still find things that I have stuffed in drawers or on top of bookshelves or inside bags under things in drawers??

How come I find her playing with holiday bibs that I put away for safe keeping, finding those wonderfully tangible memories being used on her baby dolls? How come SHE found the quilted crib pad that I bought when I was pregnant with her but could not find all this time?

She finds spring and summer clothes from last year (that barely fit her) and insists on wearing them in winter...

She has found toys of Michael's I thought were thrown away. She has found toys of Michael's that I thought were boxed up for his memories. I re-hide them as soon as I can--but damn, she keeps finding Dinosaur Oatmeal (Michael's stuffed racoon he named himself)!

And then today. Today she found my cleverly (frankly, not too cleverly) hidden holiday DVDs. As she proudly held the long-denied Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, she helpfully pointed out that there was snow on the ground so it must be okay to watch....(yeah, there was a small dusting of snow this morning). Luckily, daddy gets to watch this viewing of her favorite video...



Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

Whirlwind Willow sounds like a treasure hunter for sure! Hope the hubby had fun watching Rudolph with her this morning!

serenity said...

My nephew is a stasher and a finder too. We're not used to it so when he stashed O's sippy cup one night we lost it for weeks! When it showed up, we ended up having to throw it out. Science experiment gone wrong. :)

Well, um, at least life with her is never boring? :)


Yo-yo Mama said...

Could I borrow Willow for a weekend and let her find my daughter's missing lovie?

I would be eternally grateful!